Involving people with ME

Involving people with lived experience of disability is vital to ensuring that projects and initiatives
are successful and relevant. For the World ME Alliance, involvement is central to our ethos and all our work.

In our Memorandum of Understanding we establish that our member organisations must have people with lived experience of ME (either living with the illness or caring/supporting someone with the illness) supporting or leading their work.

But what does involvement look like for people with ME and other energy limiting conditions?

People with ME and energy limiting conditions face various barriers that can make it difficult for them to participate in events or meetings, whether online or in-person. The World ME Alliance has therefore developed a guide to involving people with ME and other energy limiting conditions. We share best practice from across the world, and show that with a few adaptations, it is possible to make events more inclusive and welcoming to everyone, and help your projects succeed.

This guide is now available in English, French, German and Italian. Check it out below!

Accessibility benefits all and creates success

Download in each language