Bringing myalgic encephalomyelitis out of the shadows

We bring together ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) organisations across the globe. Could your national organisation benefit from international support?

11 member organisations

in 6 countries

and growing

Our Purpose

A world without ME/CFS


A coordinated, simultaneous dialogue with policymakers at national and international levels, increasing its potential impact.


The pooling, sharing, and dissemination of advocacy and communication of resources.


The expansion of engagement with relevant stakeholders – worldwide organisations sharing the same message is much more powerful than an isolated voice.

Covid-19 is leading to a rise in post-infectious disease.

The World Health Organisation labels these as “non-communicable diseases”, despite being triggered by infection. We need them to recognise and address this crisis. Could your organisation be part of lobbying for this?

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