World ME Day

On May 12th each year, we focus a day on learning about, raising awareness of, and campaigning around Myalgic Encephalomyeltitis.

Why should you learn from ME?

People with ME are experts in their own illness and experience. By providing platforms for their voices across the world, we can share that collective expertise.

Post-viral illness is not new. We could learn so much about long-COVID if we recognised the knowledge and experience we already have from other post-viral illnesses like ME.

People with ME want to be a part of research. Both as participants and co-producers of studies. We need a global increase in research funding to learn from ME in this way.

Our goal is a world without ME.

Never underestimate the power of a share…

I’m choosing to #LearnFromME on #WorldMEDay. Will you join me on May 12th?

Read, learn and take action at worldmeday.org

Take action!

How long do you have?

60 seconds

Action 1

Post to social media and use your networks to spread awareness.

Action 2

Ask a healthcare professional to take 5 minutes to #LearnFromME. Do you know someone who works in healthcare? Send them a message today asking them to do their bit for World ME Day and read one of the recently produced guidelines. Ask them to visit www.worldmeday.org to find out more.

Action 3

Tag a politician in your social media post about World ME Day. It’s so important to reach those in power, and ask them to #LearnFromME on May 12th.

Action 4

Donate to the work of our Alliance and/or one of our member organisations!

5 minutes

Action 1

Create your own custom poster! We’ve got templates and more than you can customise right here on our website. Then just save your poster and share it to social media, with friends and family.

Action 2

We need to reach the people with power to make difference – that means healthcare professionals and politicians.

Use your custom poster to reach out to someone in power. Send it to a healthcare professional or politician and ask them to take action to #LearnFromME this World ME Day.


Action 1

One way we can make a major impact is to tell our stories to a bigger audience. To do this, we need to get into the press. That could be a local newspaper, a university news site, a radio or tv program. It could have a huge readership or a small one, but it will still be worthwhile.

This action takes more energy and time, but could reach loads of people. We’ve produced a guide to pitching your story to press. Download and send your first pitch today.

Action 2

You could have a longer term impact by getting involved in an organisation near you. Many of our member organisations are entirely or partly volunteer run. Reach out to an organisation near you and offer to volunteer today.

Actions for healthcare professionals

As a healthcare professional it is vital that you understand the principles of care for people with ME.

Two new guidelines have been published in the last year that completely redefine best practice. This World ME Day, we are asking you to take the time to read one of these guidelines.

Completed your action? Now follow us on social media!

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Right click, or tap and hold, the image you wish to use then click “save as” or “download”.

Right click, or tap and hold, the image you wish to use then click “save as” or “download”.

Create you own custom poster using one our our templates.

Check out our guide to pitching your story to local press.

If you have more ideas of what we can produce to help make World ME Day a success then contact us and we’ll see if we can assist.

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World ME Day is coordinated by the World ME Alliance and its members.

By focusing on a single day and collaborating across many organisations, we aim to maximise our collective power.