World ME Day

Become a #GlobalVoiceForME on May 12th

Together, we are battling a global health crisis.

This year marks the 55th anniversary since the World Health Organization (WHO) officially acknowledged ME, highlighting the urgency of addressing this global health crisis. 

In recent times, the landscape of ME has evolved with COVID-19 triggering a surge in the numbers of individuals affected by ME. Today, we estimate that more than 55 million individuals worldwide are living with the debilitating effects of this condition. Amidst these escalating numbers, member organisations of the World ME Alliance are actively joining forces, amplifying their support for initiatives that seek to address the multifaceted impact of ME on individuals and communities alike.

With your support, we will be a #GlobalVoiceForME.

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Why should you become a #GlobalVoiceForME?

ME knows no borders, and neither should our efforts to combat it. It is crucial that we work around the world to address this crisis.

COVID-19 continues to trigger a surge in the number of people affected by ME. Your voice is vital to ensuring this is addressed.

By fostering international cooperation, sharing research findings, and building recognition in every nation, we can pave the way for advancements in ME understanding and treatment.

Our goal is a world without ME.

Never underestimate the power of a share…

ME is a global health crisis. And millions more are getting sick following #COVID19. Will you become a #GlobalVoiceForME on #WorldMEDay this May 12th?

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Right click, or tap and hold, the image you wish to use then click “save as” or “download”.

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World ME Day is coordinated by the World ME Alliance and its members.

By focusing on a single day and collaborating across many organisations, we aim to maximise our collective power.