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World ME Alliance revises its Memorandum of Understanding

At the World ME Alliance we have revised our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and are pleased to share this with you.

This new MoU sets in place what we expect from our member organisations and will support us as we develop a larger grouping of organisations that can advocate together on an international level.

It also clearly lays out our vision, purpose and aims.

Through our alliance we aim is to secure an appropriate public health response from the World Health Organization (WHO). We recognise this is a long term endeavour, and will continue to work toward this for as long as necessary.

By growing the number of organisation we have as members, we are also growing our prominence on an international stage, and aim to leverage this base to create necessary change across continents.

This year we are also collaborating on the first World ME Day. We aim to grow this project over the years to have a broader impact and create opportunities for engagement with international bodies like the World Health Organization.

Read our revised MoU below.

Get in touch to explore becoming a member organisation here, or tell us about your country’s national organisation here so that we can reach out to them.