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Millions Missing France


Millions Missing France is a voluntary, non-hierarchical organisation based in Auvergne. The team behind this organisation advocate for people with ME across France.

Founded in 2018 they are led by a college of six members all of whom have personal experience of ME. This personal experience, including experience of severe ME, is part of what makes Millions Missing France so attuned to the needs and realities of people living with ME in France.

They provide high-quality information to members, as well as peer support and an opportunity to engage in advocacy. Their work decreases the isolation many with ME experience, and challenges the stigma still surrounding this disease.

They want to see research, equality and treatments for ME.

The aims of this voluntary organisation cover many important areas of advocacy:

  • Developing knowledge
  • Organising the French-speaking community
  • Promoting medical education
  • Working with public authorities
  • Promoting cultural change
  • Supporting patients.

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Millions Missing France, 7 Fialeix, 15200 Méallet, France