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Millions Missing Belgique


Millions Missing Belgique is a voluntary organisation that advocates primarily in the French-speaking Wallonie region of Belgium, but works closely with colleagues across the country to ensure their advocacy work speaks to the needs of all.

Founded in 2021 and run by a board of three members, it also has a general assembly open to all members of the organisation. This organisation was born out of the Millions Missing movement founded and run by #MEAction.

Their work centres on advocacy, aiming to foster cultural change in all sectors so that ME is recognised and appropriately responded to.

The aims and objectives of Millions Missing Belgique are to:

  • Develop knowledge of the disease among the general public: events, screenings, communications in the media and social networks…
  • Promote the medical education of health professionals, who lack training and information about this disease, without treatment to date. From general practitioners to specialized doctors, without forgetting the paramedical sphere and medical advisors. 
  • Call on public authorities to make clear, fair and justified commitments for patients.
  • Foster cultural change about ME and “invisible” disability.
  • Organize the French-speaking community and the Belgian community of patients: virtual self-help groups, cooperation with other collectives and associations…
  • Support all patients without forgetting those who are in severe or very severe condition; provide them with information and tools in French.

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