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Japan ME Association (JMEA) is a non-profit organisation based in Tokyo, Japan. Their mission is to help create a society where persons with ME are able to receive effective medical care and social security, and where they can live in hope of returning to their healthy lives.

They have three key focuses:

  • Advocacy
  • Raising Awareness
  • Stimulating Research

Founded as a patient association in 2010 and incorporated as a Japanese Specified Non-Profit Corporation in 2012, its members consist of ME patients, their family members, and other individuals who wish to improve the medical prognosis and quality of life of ME patients. They are led by a board of four members. Three live with ME themselves and one is a doctor.

Over the years, they have worked with parliamentarians and medical associations, undertaking patient surveys, holding symposiums with international speakers, petitioning parliament and have even developed a documentary on ME.

They often translate international resources into Japanese, making them accessible to the general public in Japan. Through this they hope to ensure that best practice recommendations for the management and care of people with ME can be followed in Japan.

Japan ME Association continue to lobby the Japanese Parliament and meet with elected Parliament members and Ministry of Health and local government officials to request government actions and policies on behalf of persons with ME.

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