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Emerge Australia’s impressive work has earned them recognition and trust as the leading national patient organisation for ME/CFS in Australia. With a dedicated focus on improving the lives of individuals grappling with these conditions, Emerge Australia provides comprehensive support and information.

Their innovative telehealth support service empowers individuals and their carers to manage symptoms and access essential support, while a myriad of resources ensures that patients and caregivers have access to the latest evidence-based information.

Emerge Australia takes a dynamic approach to advocacy, working with government agencies to provide evidence-based advice and collaborating with media and healthcare professionals. Their mission is to make the invisible visible, addressing the challenges faced by those affected by ME/CFS and Long COVID.

Anne Wilson, Emerge Australia’s CEO, emphasises the organisation’s commitment to reaching out on a global scale. Their decision to join the World ME Alliance is a testament to their desire to engage with other ME/CFS advocates worldwide and collaborate on the pressing issues faced by those affected.

1800 865 321 or 03 9529 1344

[email protected]

 Level 7, 276 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia