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ANZMES Preliminary Covid-19 survey findings

At the request of the ME/CFS community, ANZMES has issued a survey relating to reactions experienced by the community to the COVID-19 Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. ANZMES also sought to ascertain prevalence of Long COVID and COVID-19 infection in the community. The opportunity was also utilised for respondents to express interest in participating in a potential fractionated dosing trial.

This report contains preliminary findings for responses received from 21st October 2021 to 10th November 2021. This survey is still open to capture experiences after these dates, as vaccination decisions are ongoing.

Please note that this survey is classed as a self-report questionnaire which seeks to ascertain the subjective experience of people with ME/CFS and co-morbid conditions. The information collected is therefore anecdotal data. No clinical research has been conducted.

The majority of respondents…

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