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Wales prioritises healthcare for post-viral condition Long COVID

Health Minister Eluned Morgan promises more help for people with Long COVID in Wales.

Health Minister Eluned Morgan announced the findings of an independent review into Long COVID healthcare in Wales on 8th February 2022 and promised continued support.
We want everyone with Long COVID to know that we haven’t forgotten you.
Following a £5 million investment in the Adferiad Long COVID programme in 2021 the Health Minister announced in a Press Briefing that 2,400 people have accessed the programme.  2,226 have used services, with only 3.5% being referred to secondary services. Only a very small number are children.  The app has been downloaded over 10,000 times.
The ONS has reported that at least 60,000 people in Wales are suffering from some form of post COVID symptoms and the Health Minister acknowledged that some people during 2020, would have struggled to access support, but that the Welsh Government “can and will do better”.

Ms Morgan encouraged people with ongoing symptoms to…

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