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CFS/ME Associazione Italiana joins the World ME Alliance

Our Alliance is growing, and we a thrilled to announce that the CFS/ME Associazione Italiana is joining our ranks.

This small organisation works incredibly hard to ensure that people with ME in Italy have access to the information and resources they need to get the healthcare they deserve.

The organisation was founded by their eminent medical advisor, Professor Umberto Tirelli, and their president, Giada Da Ros, who lives with ME.

Through their work, they aim to:

  • Create awareness on the severity and spread of the disease
  • Offer patients support, understanding and friendship
  • Provide patients with relevant information on where  to turn to for consultations and treatment
  • Disseminate scientific material in order to increase knowledge of ME among health care professionals
  • Engage with doctors, researchers and other organisations internationally to promote collaboration.

With the work they are already undertaking, we are glad to now call CFS/ME Associazione Italiana a member and look forward to this collaboration growing the impact we can have.

You can find CFS/ME Associazione Italiana on facebook, or check out their website.

We are looking for more national ME organisation to join the World ME Alliance – find out more here.