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ME/CVS Nederland is a Dutch charity working to empower and improve the position of people with ME in the Netherlands.

They work to provide information, enable peer education, advocate to government and healthcare providers, and contribute to scientific research.

Their board includes people with ME and carers, and they are supported by a significant number of volunteers alongside a few staff members.  

They are actively involved in supporting research in the Netherlands as a member of the ZonMw steering group,  that was responsible for setting up the long-term ME/CFS research program in the Netherlands. They work side-by-side with researchers and decisionmakers to roll-out the program.

Founded in 1987, they are recognised as the national ME charity of the Netherlands and receive a small subsidy from government for their work. They are registered as a General Benefit Institution and charitable organisation.

Information line: 035-621 12 90

Admin line: 035-621 13 18

[email protected]  

ME CVS Nederland

Noorderweg 62

1221 AB Hilversum