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Mirame Arts

Mirame Arts is dedicated to improving the lives of ME patients through creative and innovative solutions. They recognize the interconnectedness of educational opportunities, workforce participation, and social policy with ME, particularly noting the impact of COVID-19.

Their approach is to uncover and use the hidden connections. They understand that problems in education, professional life and health policy are often closely linked. For this reason they rely on interdisciplinary strategies to maintain and promote a resilient, just and healthy society.

Art is their language to awaken profound emotions and promote understanding. At Mirame Arts, they believe that sensitive works of art can not only move, but also open eyes. Through this they aim to reach hearts and minds and build empathy.

Their goals cover:

  1. Collaboration between business and politics for ME and long COVID
  2. Integration of social justice into economic strategies
  3. Creation of inclusive working environments 
  4. Promotion of research and development 
  5. Global social justice
  6. A future for children and adolescents with ME/CFS and long COVID

Founded in 2023, this dynamic and developing organisation has big dreams for change both in Germany and beyond.

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Gütersloh, Germany