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Millions Missing Belgique joins the World ME Alliance

Our Alliance continues to grow, and today we are announcing Millions Missing Belgique as our newest member. This organisation was born out of the Millions Missing movement founded and run by #MEAction.

Belgium is divided into three political regions, based broadly on the language spoken. Millions Missing Belgique operates primarily in the French-speaking region of Belgium, Wallonie, and the capital city Brussels. However, they are clear that for ME to be appropriately recognised and treated in Belgium, this needs to happen across all regions, as well as across the globe. They work closely with colleagues across Belgium to this intent, and are excited to be joining the World ME Alliance to advocate for the rights of people with ME globally.

Millions Missing Belgique is a voluntary organisation, founded by people with ME to ensure the thousands of people with ME in Belgium are no longer forgotten.

They recently held their first in person Millions Missing protest, in front on the Public Health government offices in Brussels. Shoes labelled with testimony from individuals across Belgium told the story of ME, as they handed out leaflets to the general public. They also mobilised online, with an email campaign targeting the Minister for Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, asking him to intervene to improve the lives of people with ME and Long COVID.

Since Millions Missing Belgique was founded in March 2021, they have developed press kits calling for fair representation of ME, held educational webinars for healthcare professionals, collaborated with other Belgium organisations on issues such a welfare, and continue to lobby the Health Minister and others government officials about the state of ME in Belgium.

You can check out their website here, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

We continue to look for more national ME organisations to join the World ME Alliance – if you are interested in finding out more look here.