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Be part of the World ME Day 2024 campaign film

As we approach World ME Day 2024, we invite you to be a part of a new short film that aims to shed light on the reality of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). The World Health Organization recognized ME 55 years ago, yet any treatment remains elusive, and millions more are now grappling with the aftermath of ME triggered by COVID-19. This global health crisis demands attention, and we need your voice to make a difference.

Take Part

Send us a short video of yourself reading out the script below. 

This script has been developed by people with ME across four countries. We’ll join your videos together into one campaign film, to reach others and demonstrate that ME is a truly global health crisis. We’ll then use this to call on individuals, organisations and countries to join together as a #GlobalVoiceForME advocating for change. 

Script for Your Video

It’s 55 years since the World Health Organization officially recognised Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

But there is still no cure. No treatments. And millions more are developing ME triggered by COVID-19. 

Today, we estimate 55 million individuals worldwide are living with the debilitating effects of ME. 

We demand recognition, research, and respect. 

I am a [person with ME/doctor/researcher/carer/friend/advocate/family member/nurse/charity worker etc – tell us your relation to ME]

I am from [your country]

This is a global health crisis. 

Take action with us for World ME Day.

Together, we are a Global Voice for ME. 

Severe ME – alternative participation

If it is difficult or impossible for you to read out a script, we still want you to participate. If you can, please upload a 5 second video of yourself looking directly into the camera. You don’t need to say anything.

We then aim to include this in the final cut, with subtitles that read “Many are too sick to speak”

Upload your video

The deadline for submissions is 1st April 2024.

Are you having issues with uploading? Contact us.

Tips for taking a good film

  • Take your video horizontally in landscape (16:9)
  • Place your camera or phone on a stable surface, or ask a friend to hold it for you
  • Take your time and speak slowly – it’s okay to pause, or start again
  • Have a light source, such as a window or lamp, in front of you. (But not if light sensitivity is an issue for you.)
  • Try to take your video somewhere without background noise. 

For more information and resources in the run up to May 12th, check out

Got any questions? Contact us.

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  1. Larissa

    Should the video be shot in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format? Thank you!

  2. Joan Serra Hoffman

    Do you accept submissions in languages other than English, staying true to the script in English?

    1. World ME Alliance

      Hi Joan – we’d prefer submissions to be in English where possible, but where this isn’t possible then we will work to incorporate submissions in other languages. Thanks for the question.

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