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Millions Missing Canada joins the World ME Alliance

We are proud to announce that Millions Missing Canada is joining our Alliance. This organisation was born out of the Millions Missing movement founded and run by #MEAction. It was established by four core members: three who have ME and one who cared for her severely ill daughter.

As an entirely voluntary organisation they have a strong focus on advocacy, with three key goals:

  1. Stop the harm
  2. Fund the research
  3. Start the treatment

They are strong collaborators, working with various groups to support national disability advocacy, and serve as members of the ICanCME Research Network, supporting various subcommittees.

In Autumn 2021, they initiated an ambitious campaign (in both English and French) to educate Canadian federal leaders, elected officials and candidates about the connection between Long Covid and ME. They estimate between 100 and 125 candidates were contacted by community members, with all five of the main party leaders being directly approached by Millions Missing Canada.

They are also involved in ongoing provincial advocacy that calls for a care plan including a Centre of Excellence with Community clinics for people with ME, fibromyalgia and/or multiple-chemical sensitivity.

Of course, much of this is happening because of the initial Millions Missing movement, and Millions Missing Canada continues the campaign each spring with live rallies, community events, or by creating advocacy resources for individuals to use. They continue to inform, educate and act as a resource for the Canadian ME community who often reach out for help and support.

You can check out their website here, or find more up-to-date information on their Facebook page here.

We continue to look for more national ME organisations to join the World ME Alliance – if you are interested in finding out more look here.